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Best Training Trip to Marussia F1

Best Training Trip to Marussia F1

Posted on 12 April 2013

Thank You Marussia & Learndirect

Image for story - Best Training Trip to Marussia F1 As a result of the good work done by all its staff members and learners, Best Training won a competition last year for the top ten providers exceeding their net programme starts by more than 20%. We met at Norbury Station at 7:45. Our train was slightly delayed, and at Victoria we had to wait in a 5 minute queue for the underground, but the journey to the Marussia F1 Factory in Banbury was otherwise very smooth - we were half an hour early!

Whilst we waited for the other guests to arrive we had a chance to admire Marussia''s F1 car from last season in the reception area.

Shortly after we were greeted by Elissa and Tom from Marussia, who were our tour guides, and Kelly from Learndirect, who had organised the event. We were taken upstairs to a cosy little cove where tea, coffee and some rather delicious pastries were on offer. There we had a chance to chat informally with Elissa and Tom about Marussia F1 and their respective career journeys within the motorsport business.

Once all of the expected guests had arrived we followed Elissa and Tom into the presentation room for a PowerPoint presentation on the Marussia F1 team - who they are, where they are now, and where they hope to be. The presentation was very informative and clearly showed that, in spite of being a relative new comer to the world of Formula 1, the Marussia F1 team are making great strides and are not afraid to do things differently. One example of the Marussia team''s lack of fear to do things differently is their predominant use of computational aerodynamics testing over wind tunnel testing, although they intend to increase their usage of the former in the near future.

Our first stop was to Research & Development, where we caught a glimpse into the inner workings of the team. I personally was struck by the level of silence - it felt more like we were in a scientific lab than what, prima facie, was a large office room. We were then taken to their testing centre, where we saw precise robotic arms take exact measurements of the new car parts that the team had ordered, in order to ensure that they were made to the precise specification. After that we went to the Testing Centre, where they put individual car parts under immense pressures (well over 10 tonnes) in order to ensure that they will be usable for the race and that they meet the relevant safety regulations. We rounded off the factory tour with explanations of the gearbox and tyres (sadly there were no engines).

After lunch, we had a pit stop tyre change demonstration, and then we were given the chance to try it ourselves. Greg was part of a guest team that managed a 5.0 second tyre change, which was only 0.3 seconds off what the staff demonstration team could manage.

We rounded the day off with a photo session in the reception next to the Marussia Formula 1 race car. Thank You Marussia & Learndirect.

On behalf of Aidan, Greg and Daria I would like to thank Marussia F1, Learndirect, Best Training, Kelly, Elissa, Tom and Steve for this wonderful experience. I would also on our behalf like to thank Jakub and all the staff at Best Training for providing their award winning learner support.

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